High School Programs

One of our paths to fulfilling our mission is by providing career counseling services to non-college bound high school seniors.

First we must acknowledge that there are careers for non-four year college bound students. For example, research shows that employment in the medical field—including medical assistants, billing coordinators and other medical support staff—is expected to grow over 20% in the next decade. Similarly, electricians, HVAC and building services staff are expected to be in more demand given the commercial and residential development in the New York City area.

Spero's Hope wants to maximize the options available to your students. We supplement existing career counseling being offered by the school with the following additional potential services for graduating seniors:

Career Counseling

Discuss interests, skills and career options with students. Develop a path for starting a career, not just a job.

Tuition Assistance

Offer vocational and skills-based tuition assistance to select non-college bound individuals who want to obtain certifications for trade-oriented (or similar) positions.

Resume Development

Work with students individually on creating professional resumes and cover letters, highlighting their key skills for the workplace.

Interview Coaching

Conduct mock interviews and educate students on the "Do's and Don'ts" of interviewing. Coach students on pre- and post-interview preparation and follow-up actions.

Job Placement

Assist students in finding jobs that best suit their skillset and interests.

Transition to First Job

Prepare students for their transition into their first full-time employment. To the extent permitted by employers, partner with employers to give students feedback and coaching.