Our Clients

"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life." --Confucius

Our clients come from various walks of life. Spero's Hope works with each client differently, understanding that everyone has individual needs.

"Time for a change"

One of our clients is passionate about what he does and he likes his work. However, there have been fairness of pay issues with his employer. He has realized that a job change is inevitable if he wants more financial security. We have updated his resume, prepared him for interviews and specifically coached him in answering questions about the situation with his current employer.

"My disability has no effect on my skills"

A client with a visual impairment wanted assistance in learning how to convince an employer that he was a good match for the job requirements. Through practice interviews, Spero's Hope helped him to better disclose his visual disability and explain how he overcomes his disability in the workplace, making it a non-issue for the employer.

"I feel as I am at a disadvantage"

Another client with a disability needed confidence to overcome low self-esteem and shyness. We worked with him to build his confidence during an interview and to develop his "soft" skills.

"I would like to explore a different career path"

We have worked with two people who each had valuable experiences in a certain industry sector but needed help moving into another sector. Spero's Hope helped them identify their "transferable skills and experiences" so that they would be effective in demonstrating that their experiences were applicable to jobs in other markets. We rewrote their resumes to highlight their transferable skills, and we provided interview coaching to emphasize the same.

"I need my certification"

One of our clients was having a hard time making ends meet despite working extra shifts. At the same time, she was zealous about additional schooling, knowing that her desired degree would provide her with new employment opportunities and allow her to work in a field for which she had immense passion. Spero's Hope awarded her a scholarship to allow her to continue her studies.

"I can do more"

Another client, who was very confident in his interviewing skills, just needed some assistance with his resume and cover letter so that he could begin his job search. Within a short period of time, he was offered a new position. Congratulations!

No one client or situation is alike.

If you, or someone you know, is working but needs help getting to "the next level", Spero's Hope may be able to help.

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