How We Work With Clients

Much of our work is in concert with other non-profits, supplementing their workforce development efforts and becoming an auxiliary part of their team.

As Human Resource professionals, we leverage our expertise to help candidates obtain gainful employment . We strive to understand each client's career goals and motivators as well as their skills and experiences, and we help them with their resumes, cover letters, online professional profiles and interviewing skills. Depending on the assignment, we may also help clients with their job search, including identifying positions posted online.

Goals and Aspirations

Every candidate is unique. We work closely with each candidate to understand their work experience, skills, training and education and, most importantly, their goals.

Resumes, Cover Letters, and Online Professional Profiles

We help candidates write and edit their resumes, cover letters, and online professional profiles. Since every candidate is different and the jobs they apply for are different, we tailor their documents so the candidates show their best selves to a potential employer.

Mock Interviews

Like most things, interviews take preparation and practice. We boost confidence in interviewing by having prepared responses to questions about past work experiences, lessons learned and the popular question "what is your biggest weakness". We help candidates build a repertoire of skills and competencies they want to highlight to any employer. We help candidates ask the employer the right questions about the potential role and the company and sensitize them on which questions to avoid. We also coach on nonverbal cues such as body language, facial expressions and the appropriate attire to wear.

We also work with candidates on career transitions and presenting themselves in the best light after a career gap or layoff, or if they are changing careers.

Interview coaching and mock interviews can be conducted via video, and, in some cases, in person.

Job Search

Applying to jobs online is very often tedious, confusing and time-consuming. We help candidates with their job search by helping them fill out job applications and making them relevant and impactful as well as writing cover letters.

Interview "Manners"

We work with candidates so they are engaging and polite. We coach them to arrive early. And we work on closing skills and thank you notes.

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