Need Our Help?

I want to increase my chances of achieving economic stability.

If you are currently employed but are struggling to make ends meet, Spero's Hope can help. We will work with you to identify your strengths, skills, and job preferences. From there, we will help you develop a compelling resume. We will conduct mock interviews, and help you identify and apply for jobs. There is no cost to you!

I am currently working but I am about to lose my job.

Spero's Hope can help. We will meet with you on a one-on-one basis to identify your marketable skills and experiences and work with you on your job search. There is no cost to you!

I represent an employer. How can we partner with Spero's Hope?

If you are laying off an hourly workforce, Spero's Hope can provide similar services to outplacement services to your employees at no cost to you or your employees. We will work with your displaced employees on a one-on-one basis to assist them with their job search.

If you are an employer hiring hourly workers and/or staff without college degrees, please send us your open positions. We will work with your Human Resources departments and hiring managers to identify the right candidates for you — at no cost to you!

I represent a non-profit organization. We are looking to partner with another non-profit in order to help our clients with their job search.

We welcome the opportunity to develop partnerships with other non-profit organizations, with whom our goals and objectives may be aligned. We can complement and augment your existing career services, or we can develop and run a program for you.

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